American Retirement in the Philippines


*AUTHOR’S NOTE – Many of us Americans did not save enough for retirement. It’s time for a reality check. If we did not save for retirement, it’s time to make a plan. It’s better to start looking for a retirement place that we can afford AND enjoy. The longer we put off finding the right retirement place for us, the more difficult it will be to retire comfortably…soon.

My husband and I will be retiring in a couple of years. We are doing this research in advance for our own benefit. We are unsure if we will be able to afford a quality retirement life here in the U.S. when the right time comes, so we searched overseas.

We were looking for a country where the cost of living is affordable, where the climate is mild (not too hot/not too cold), where living is safe and secure, where people will welcome us, and where there is no language barrier. Many of the best options for enjoying an enormously enriched retirement lifestyle on even a very modest budget can be found overseas, especially in Asia.

Well, what do you know? We’ve found the country that’s exactly just that – with affordable cost of living, a tropical climate, relatively peaceful, American-friendly, and English-speaking people! We have agreed – our choice for our retirement is the Philippines! This little country seemed to be the best place for American retirement!

Knowing that there are other retirees on the same boat as we are, I am sharing this research with you. With the help of a native, I am presenting the Philippines to you, so you can pick your own location. I am sure anywhere we choose, we will enjoy a quality retirement life that we so deserve!

My posts will help you decide exactly where in the Philippines you would like to retire. We have different outlooks in life – some prefer to retire near the beach, some in the farm, some in the city, some couldn’t care less! You can view my posts about the different places in the Philippines, and find an area that you feel has a certain connection to you. Have a tour of the Philippines and visit that place, and find the connection, before you retire there permanently. I hope I can be of help.






 Campomanes Bay

Campomanes Bay

Photo from:

Campomanes Bay is a favorite dive site for safari divers with its beautiful coral gardens and sunken warships. It has an enticing pristine waters and white sand beach. Read More…



 Sugar Beach

Sugar BeachPhoto from:

Sugar Beach formerly called Langub Beach is a long stretch of sugary light brown sand with pristine blue waters. There are high quality standard resorts in this fine stretch of sand. They are the Taka Tuka Beach and Diving Resort, Bermuda Beach Resort, Driftwood Village Resort, Sulu Sunset Resort and Langub Beach Resort. Sugar Beach is a 20-minute boat ride from the town proper. Read More…


 Punta Ballo Beach

Punta Ballo BeachPhoto from:

Punta Ballo Beach is found on the other side of the Sugar Beach. This place boasts of first class diving resorts like Artistic Diving and Beach Resort and Easy Diving Resort. Nataasan Beach Front is also found in this side. This area is blessed with white sand and cool blue waters. Read More…


 Palau Beach Resort

Palau Beach ResortPhoto from:

Palau Beach Resort offers overnight accommodations. It has a restaurant and it is accessible anytime of the day. Read More…


 Sagay Marine Reserve

Sagay Marine ReservePhoto from:

Sagay Marine Reserve that is well-managed protected area and a balanced marine and terrestrial ecosystems with abundant resources that caters to the needs of the stakeholders towards sustainable development and progress and is considered as one of the prime eco-tourism destinations in the country. Read More…



 Carbin Reef

Carbin Reef Marina ReservePhoto from:

Carbin Reef is a marine sanctuary with its huge, tongue-shaped, creamy white sandbar and its clear water offers the freshest option for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, picnic, boating or just frolicking in the sand. Read More…




 Molocaboc Island

Molocaboc IslandPhoto from:

 Molocaboc Island home to fisherfolk where big jars, mangrove reforestation and a miracle hole “amatong” fishing are found. Read More…




 Lakawon Island Resort

Lakawon BeachPhoto from:

 Lakawon Island Resort is a white sand island paradise amid clear blue waters. The resort has a magnificent view of the sunset. It is a peaceful haven that offers diving, surfing and jet skiing. Read More…



 Sipaway Island

Sipaway IslandPhoto from:

Sipaway Island is geographically known as Refugio Island. A favorite rendezvous of local and foreign guests. It has beautiful century-old Balete tree, white sand beach resorts and natural reefs for snorkeling and scuba diving. Travel time is only 15 minutes from the pier by local outrigger. See Photo Gallery…



 Danjugan Island

Danjugan IslandPhoto from:

 Danjugan Island is the largest of the Bulata Islands in Cauayan whose white sand beaches and underwater world rich in marine life makes it a favorite destination of foreign diving enthusiasts and conservationists, particularly coming from the United Kingdom, among them the Coral Cay Conservation volunteers.

Managed by the Philippine Reefs and Rainforests Conservation Foundation, Inc, this 15 kilometers long and half kilometer wide island is comprised of lush tropical forest, five lagoons, beach and mangrove forests, seagrass beds and coral reefs. Read More…




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