American Retirement in the Philippines


*AUTHOR’S NOTE – Many of us Americans did not save enough for retirement. It’s time for a reality check. If we did not save for retirement, it’s time to make a plan. It’s better to start looking for a retirement place that we can afford AND enjoy. The longer we put off finding the right retirement place for us, the more difficult it will be to retire comfortably…soon.

My husband and I will be retiring in a couple of years. We are doing this research in advance for our own benefit. We are unsure if we will be able to afford a quality retirement life here in the U.S. when the right time comes, so we searched overseas.

We were looking for a country where the cost of living is affordable, where the climate is mild (not too hot/not too cold), where living is safe and secure, where people will welcome us, and where there is no language barrier. Many of the best options for enjoying an enormously enriched retirement lifestyle on even a very modest budget can be found overseas, especially in Asia.

Well, what do you know? We’ve found the country that’s exactly just that – with affordable cost of living, a tropical climate, relatively peaceful, American-friendly, and English-speaking people! We have agreed – our choice for our retirement is the Philippines! This little country seemed to be the best place for American retirement!

Knowing that there are other retirees on the same boat as we are, I am sharing this research with you. With the help of a native, I am presenting the Philippines to you, so you can pick your own location. I am sure anywhere we choose, we will enjoy a quality retirement life that we so deserve!

My posts will help you decide exactly where in the Philippines you would like to retire. We have different outlooks in life – some prefer to retire near the beach, some in the farm, some in the city, some couldn’t care less! You can view my posts about the different places in the Philippines, and find an area that you feel has a certain connection to you. Have a tour of the Philippines and visit that place, and find the connection, before you retire there permanently. I hope I can be of help.





Mactan Island

Message from an American in Cebu

Hi and welcome to Living in Cebu, the number one ranking site online for information about the city and province of Cebu. My name is Paul, an American who has lived in the Philippines for nearly a decade. I began visiting the Philippines in January of 1992.

Unlike some foreigners who live in the Philippines, you will find that I do not sugarcoat anything about living here. There is both bad and good about living in Cebu, as well as elsewhere in the Philippines. I would be lying to you if we said otherwise. However, there is much more positive and good about living in the Philippines, living in Cebu, and in other areas of the Visayas, than there is bad. Besides, anywhere you choose to live in the world will have some drawbacks about it, right? After all, I don’t believe anyone has found Utopia. But, for me, living in the Philippines… better yet living in Cebu, is the single best place in the world in which to live. Once you come here and see for yourself, I believe you will agree.

If you ask for my opinion about a topic, of which I am familiar, I will give it to you whether positive or negative. I (and others who live here and support Living In Cebu) look at it this way, if you are going to take time to pull up stakes, liquidate your entire life and then move half-way around the world, you don’t need someone selling you a line of garbage trying to make you feel as though everything here is peachy keen. To do so is simply not right.

As I previously stated, there are negatives about the Philippines, but the positive points outweigh any negatives one-hundred to one, for me anyway. But, even with the way of life here, and the laid back somewhat passive culture, it still isn’t for everyone.

So, in order for you to see if living anywhere in the Philippines is for you, I suggest locating (and digesting) as much information as possible about this country, and then come here for a visit. There are many good sites from which to get information. Links to a number of them are listed on this very site. If we can help you locate as much information as possible, you can get an idea as to whether or not it’s for you. –




Cebu, Philippines

For those of us who have traveled abroad before, we can understand how difficult it can be to get along in a country if you don’t speak the language (not a problem in this English-speaking country!) or know the terrain. Arranging holidays in the Philippines can be time consuming and difficult when sitting at home 8,000 miles away in the winter gloom of the UK or US.

That is where Lancaster Cebu Condotel apartments come in, providing quality and friendly service with a variety of apartments. Property is all about LOCATION. Mactan Cebu, provides one with both the laid back pace of provincial living, as well as prerequisites of the urban dweller. Schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, and leisure are all found on the island itself. Lancaster Cebu, a few minutes from Mactan International Airport in the central Philippines, with flights from the UK via Cathay Pacific Airlines from Hong Kong, Macau, the US via Japan Airlines from Tokyo, via Cebu Pacific Airlines from Bangkok, via Korean Airlines from Seoul, the Middle East by Qatar Airlines from Doha via Singapore, and is fast becoming a major jump off point for island tours, are 2 hours from some of the Philippines Top Beaches and Dive Spots in Bohol, Bantayan, Malapascua and Siargao Islands.

Bohol, a mere 2 hour ferry ride from Cebu, has become a favorite destination for beach lovers with soft white sand great diving sites. Alona Beach with 800 m long sand stretch has many hotels, restaurants and diving centers. Doljo Beach is secluded with shallow water whereas Cabilao Island on the west coast of Bogol has excellent diving sites and clear water. The landscape is dominated by Chocolate hills adding to the beauty of the place.

A 3 hour drive and short boat ride from Lancaster Cebu, situated at the northern tip, Bantayan Island is well-known for its powder white sand beach and turquoise water along the southwest coast. It has a friendly and laid-back ambience where you can really relax and enjoy the scenic beauty. The beaches around Santa Fe are alluring. Puo Island has some virgin beaches away from commercialization. The best time to visit Bantayan Beach is from February to May.

Some 4 hours drive and a short boat ride from Lancaster Cebu is Malapascua Island and already rated highly on the world’s best beaches and Philippine dive spots. It has emerged as a major dive centre with thresher sharks passing between Cebu and Leyte Islands as a common site. The best season to visit Malapascua Island is from February to May.

Siargao Island, 1 hour by plane from Lancaster Cebu via Cebu Pacific Airlines direct to Sayak Airport, hosts one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and home of Philippine wave surfing. The coastline is marked by a succession of reefs and white sandy beaches. The reefs are excellent for picking up any swell that comes along turning into clean, fast waves. Best time to visit Siargao is from February to May. –




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