*AUTHOR’S NOTE – My husband and I will be retiring soon, and we have decided to look around for a more relaxing and affordable retirement place outside of the US. As I researched through the internet, magazines and literatures, the Philippines caught my attention. This little country seemed to be the best place for American retirement. The cost of living is affordable for us, and we love its tropical climate, plus the fact that it’s an English-speaking country and the people are American-friendly. We have agreed – our choice for our retirement is the Philippines! Now my goal is to study and analyze the best places to retire to in the Philippines where a retired American couple can enjoy their future retirement. I am sharing my researches for our planned retirement with you, and hope that my posts can also help you plan yours!






I have definitely found a similarity among retirement websites, and that is the factors to consider in looking for in a place for foreign retirement, which is summarized in 3 C’s:



Makes sense, right? These three factors make up the most important things to consider when searching for the best place to retire.

To make sure that I don’t make a mistake of choosing the Philippines as the best place for our retirement, I made sure that the Philippines passed my 3 C’s examination:



The Philippines ranks #47 in the Crime Rate statistics list provided by NATION MASTER. 

Wikipedia describes Nation Master as a statistical website that aims to facilitate comparison of publicly available data on all countries of the world.  Their crime statistic is ranked in the order from highest to lowest, highest crime rate being #1.  The Crime Statistics can be found at http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/cri_tot_cri-crime

It is important to note that in these statistics:

a)     US ranked #1 in Crime Rate (where we live!)

b)     The other countries we considered for retirement also ranked high in crime (Canada 8th,  Mexico 12th, Argentina 15th, Spain 18th) and other Asian countries ranked above the Philippines (Japan 6th, India 10th, S. Korea 11th, Thailand 20th, and Malaysia 37th).


The Philippines is a safe place to be in, especially with the high respect given to seniors and in particular Americans.  This reinforces that we are choosing the right place!




The Philippines has a very low cost of living. The middle class Filipino earns and lives on approximately 20-30 thousand pesos per month (roughly $500 – $700 USD); Americans live more lavishly so double that, $1,000 – $1,400 per month.

Americans will find living in the Philippines extremely inexpensive compared to the US.

As a comparison between US and Philippine costs, let us  use restaurant prices: (Taken from www.numbeo.com)

Restaurant Items Price Comparison Between the US and the Philippines

Roughly 1/3 – 1/2 the cost of America.

From this comparative table, we can see the huge difference between U.S. & Philippine costs, which very clearly indicates that our US dollars will go a long way in the Philippines!




The Philippine Islands, in general, have a tropical climate and, except in the higher mountains, temperatures remain warm, with the annual average ranging from about 73°F to 90°F throughout the Philippines.

Daily average temperatures in Manila range from a minimum of 70° F to a maximum of 86°F in January and from 75°F to 91°F in June. So basically there is spring to summer weather year round, no need for winter clothes of any kind!

It seems that the Philippines passes our 3 C’s test, and with flying colors, too! Low Crime Rate, Low Cost of Living and Great Climate!






What is your criteria for choosing the best retirement place for you?



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